About Whit

What you want to know:

  • 20 something
  • Canadian born and raised female
  • Yoga teacher by choice
  • Nurse by education
  • Single

Now that you can categorize me, what can I tell you that you couldn't already figure out on your own?

I'm 5'6 (people who meet me IRL usually comment they thought I'd be taller, sorry to disappoint). Chinese x UK mix.

I "retired" from my nursing career in 2017. I originally started university in a pre-health medical program and failed out into Environmental Resource Sustainability. From there my life shifted, school brought me to Hawaii and love made me stay. Love for the lush green land, love for the powerful and majestic swells of the Pacific Ocean, love for the fresh grown fruit and love for the people who breathe aloha.

I did gymnastics from the age of 3 until I got my first boyfriend in high school and refused to go hangout with girls in leotards. I started cheerleading in grade 5, made varsity, and had a small stint in professional.

I swear like a fucking sailor. I have what I like to call chronic hiccups. I eat a lot. I'm not vegan and I love gluten. I am stubborn with gentleness. Irrational. Illogical. Messy. Bold. Spontaneous. Sarcastic. Passionate. Above all else, loving.

I believe in miracles. I demand them. And I won't rest until you believe too.

A hui kaua