Hey, What's up Hello?


     I had a party at my childhood home once, I was probably 8 or so. I vividly remember finding someone reading my diary and how pissed I was. How dare they know all my secrets. How dare they know who I have a crush on. How dare they know the inner most workings of my heart.

     Yet here I am today on a full blown website sharing my online diary with complete strangers. The horror!

     I used to have a blog back in the Hawaii glory days. When my time was up on the island, when my relationship tragically ended, when I had to move back home to Onterrible I started to view my old site as a shrine to my past life. But in the words of my twitter god Joel, "I have died a million times over for the me you see today."


     What is the intention of this site you might be thinking? Zero intention. This is a place of being, to exist, to accept, to share, to write, to laugh, to cry, to connect, to document the workings of my life and love. Part of being authentic is being relatable. As a human being, I struggled so hard for a while to stand out, to be different, to be bold. When in reality, no matter how different or separate we think we are, how secluded or unique we try to be - we all experience the same emotions and events. We all walk on the same ground and breathe the same air. No one person more important than the next.

     If you ever saw my house/know me IRL you would know that I'm a self-proclaimed modest hoarder. And what a perfect place for me to hoard thoughts, ideas, images, videos. Here you will find a collection of articles on yoga, my travels, health ideas/fails, and miscellaneous musings of all the things I needed to get off my chest. My idea is to post videos, tutorials, live stream free flows, perhaps even post some of my yoga classes on here. I will share a few of my favourite things but without being a pusher man. I will speak straight, honour my word and keep it real as always. Here's to creating something new, bigger than myself, next level connection!