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how to date a self-proclaimed narcissist

  • Don’t

How not to date a married man

     Let me make this very clear as you read the title - I had ZERO idea he was married when we met. By date, we went out a couple of times. Cheating is not something I condone, encourage or would ever knowingly do to someone else or as the other woman.

How not to date a mlb pitcher

     I had no idea about baseball or the boys of summer. A friend of mine knew him and knew me and said we had similar interests. So I reached out, like heck why not? What did I have to lose besides my ego and pride? In modern terms, he slid into my DM. He was at the field, he invited me to his game. I said I couldn't, I was going rock climbing. Yes, in short I rejected the MLB pitcher.

How not to date your boss' ex-husband

    An accidental meeting - aren't they always. I knew of him, he knew who I worked for. The physical attraction was there. He was just my type - older, emotionally unavailable, long distance. All the qualities needed for me not to have a real relationship, to not have to open up or commit to anything bigger than myself. It started harmless, a "Hey" here, an Instagram like there, until in typical Whit fashion I lost my patience and confronted him with an "Are you ever going to ask me out?"

How to survive vacation with a stranger

     We met through my studio, he was a yoga teacher too. I knew of him as the sexy lumberjack who lived in a trailer. I was intrigued. While assisting a teacher training he showed up one day to assist and promote his business a yoga retreat/festival. We had lunch together and made eyes at each other over vegan goods. He left and we kept it civil.

How to become bffl with your ex-fiancé's Ex-wife

  That bitch! Well no not actually, she is a very lovely woman/mother/person. This is an open apology to my ex-fiancé's ex-wife for who I was while we were together. I placed judgments on her based on my side of  my truth - this didn't make me right or fair or foster the love needed to grow healthy roots. We were together 3+ years, we lived together in a modest home in Oakville, we had our own plans of marriage and we coparented his daughter from his previous marriage. I love this innocent child dearly. Her mother, that didn't come until now.