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How not to date aN mlb pitcher

     I had no idea about baseball or the boys of summer. A friend of mine knew him and knew me and said we had similar interests. So I reached out, like heck why not? What did I have to lose besides my ego and pride? In modern terms, he slid into my DM. He was at the field, he invited me to his game. I said I couldn't, I was going rock climbing. Yes, in short I rejected the MLB pitcher.

happy endings

     I don't believe in 'Happy Endings' I don't believe good things end or should need to. Perhaps that is the obsessive-compulsive side of me not seeing a reason to quit. Once is never enough and a million times is way too much. An addiction to answers. The need to know why. There's never enough reasons and yet some words are too heavy to hear. 

choose love

     Invite love in because forever looks different on everyone. Until tomorrow, until next year, until a breaking point, until the grave. Create love brand new. Not to the tune of your last. Not scripted to your perfect fairytale. Believe in love. Believe it can be different this time. Believe it into existence. Choose love again and again and again. 

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