"You can meditate and do yoga until you are blue in the face, and all you will ever be is blue in the face unless you have the courage to open your heart, face reality, admit your mistakes, and take right action. It hurts a bit, but this is what it means to have a personal revolution." - Baron Baptiste



     I had a party at my childhood home once, I was probably 8 or so. I vividly remember finding someone reading my diary and how pissed I was. How dare they know all my secrets. How dare they know who I have a crush on. How dare they know the inner most workings of my heart.

     Yet here I am today on a full blown website sharing my online diary with complete strangers. The horror!


St. Maarten Awaits

     It all started with my quarterly meeting with the owner of Power Yoga Canada in April. I was in the hot seat, getting all the fire burning questions like "what are your strengths as a teacher?" and "what do you bring to the table?" the kind of things I probably should've put thought into before said meeting. But instead I just bursted into tears and used this 30-minute meeting as a free 1 hour therapy session with my mentor.